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    positive review  Caroline has a lovely kind warm and safe presence for children and adults. My 10 yr old son attends Caroline and loooooves her, he tells her everything so whilst she's not a therapist she provides a safe space where they feel they can share. He always struggles to stay awake when she gets to his bid toe and finds it fascinating himself. My 13 year old daughter also attends and the same she will chat away to Caroline about everything. she tends to be asleep after a few minutes and describes the experience as having her brain unravelled. Caroline is so patient so kind and I love that she comes from the same mindset as me so often my children think we've been talking prior to our sessions because shell give the very same advice. coming from someone other than their mammy is so much more accepting so as a parent I am truly grateful for Caroline and the wonder work she does. I've yet to get my feet up on that bed but I will!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

    Yvonne Power Avatar Yvonne Power
    23rd May 2019

    Caroline is such an amazing lady! From the moment you meet her you feel good! Highly recommend reflexology with Caroline for everyone

    Michelle Lynch Avatar Michelle Lynch
    13th July 2018

    positive review  I had some treatments with Caroline recently and it was the most relaxed I've been in a long time. would highly recommend a visit.

    Carrie Mc Grath Avatar Carrie Mc Grath
    7th January 2019

    positive review  Would highly recomend Caroline at White Light Healing . I recently brought my 8 year old daughter for a treatment in the hope it would relax her and help with her anxiety. She was totaly relaxed after a couple of minutes and Caroline really took her time and connected with her. Thank you so much Caroline you have a little fan xxxx

    Suzanne McKenna Richardson Avatar Suzanne McKenna Richardson
    23rd June 2019

    positive review  Caroline is an amazing reflexologist. Both myself and my son aged 9 have had treatments with her and reep the benefits for weeks afterwards. My son was anxious about going however was shocked by how much he LOVED it. Before we left he asked could he go again. Caroline is gifted with both children and adults. My sons treatment was a few weeks ago and he is still floating around on cloud 9...his confidence and ability to stand up for himself and others is beyond words. Thank you so much Caroline I will see you soon with my other 2 kiddies 😍

    Jean Cummins Avatar Jean Cummins
    6th December 2019

    positive review  Caroline is an amazing healer, not only did i have the pleasure of Caroline working with me but also along side our son. Caroline has an amazing healing power and a beautiful nature about herself. I'm still in a healing process with Caroline but the amazing change that has already come from it.

    Audrey Dempsey Avatar Audrey Dempsey
    10th August 2020

    My mam went last night and said she felt great after it and she will definitely be going back

    Adeline Morgan Avatar Adeline Morgan
    16th May 2018

    positive review  Caroline really helped my daughter with a fear of flying. Lovely relaxing calm experience. I would highly reccomend reflexology as a form of relaxation for any situation. Caroline is highly knowledgable and a lovely person.

    Suzanne Dunne Avatar Suzanne Dunne
    14th July 2019

    positive review  I’ve been having reflexology with Caroline very regularly since July and I still count down the days before each treatment. I look forward to them so much! it’s my “Me Time” that’s become all the more important to get especially in these crazy times we find ourselves in. From the moment you walk through the door you easily switch off from the outside world and this is mainly due to Caroline herself who’s just the warmest loveliest person you’re likely to meet.

    Lynn Donohoe Avatar Lynn Donohoe
    1st October 2020

    positive review  Caroline is an excellent therapist & will explain everything thoroughly. Her treatment are so relaxing and never disappoint. Myself & my teenage son highly recommend any treatment with caroline, not only are they good for the feet and hands.....but the soul too !

    Deborah Quinn Avatar Deborah Quinn
    17th September 2019

    I suffer terrible with my sinuses ,my head is always congested and painful I've had two sessions of hoping and reflexology. I could cry with happiness with the relief I have in my head tonight .�

    Tricia Whelan Avatar Tricia Whelan
    22nd March 2018

    positive review  I came to Caroline to today for reflexology and Hopi ear handling. I was met with warmth and passion for her calling which shone through in her treatments. I feel AMAZING on every level. Three words Oh My God Three more words I'll Be Back xxx

    Theresa O' Haire Avatar Theresa O' Haire
    9th November 2018

    positive review  Caroline was recommended to me for pregnancy reflexology when I was in my last week of pregnancy. As you do feel fed up in your final few weeks of pregnancy. I left Caroline feeling refreshed, able to sleep better. I believe my labour was only 3 hrs and not a problem ,discharged from hospital 11 hrs later because i had such an amazing treatment by Caroline before hand. Weeks later I returned to Caroline for Reflexology ,hopi ear candling again feeling amazing after treatments. words cant describe how great I find Caroline. Definitely recommend you go and experience for yourself.

    Aisling Long Avatar Aisling Long
    30th December 2018

    positive review  Thank you Caroline for working your magic. I am so glad I found my way into your treatment room it is the best reflexology treatment that I have ever had 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Elizabeth O'Reilly Avatar Elizabeth O'Reilly
    25th March 2019

    positive review  The peace and calmness is hard to describe but it feels like you’re on cloud 9 after a session 💞 Caroline is so professional 💞 I’ll definitely be booking in for another session 💞

    Elaine Pollard Avatar Elaine Pollard
    6th March 2019

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Caroline is brilliant and so knowledgeable at what she does. Puts you at ease from the moment you arrive.
Isolde Ní Shioradáin
Isolde Ní Shioradáin
December 15, 2020.
I was recommended Caroline by a friend and wasnt sure what to really expect. My first visit with her was amazing. She is absolutely amazing and had me at ease immediately. She is a fantastic holistic therapist and knows her craft well. She let's you know as you go along what she is doing and how it can help you. I'd highly recommend Caroline at White Light Healing.
Eleanor Jenkins
Eleanor Jenkins
January 30, 2020.
Caroline is absolutely amazing, and such a lovely person. Would highly recommend her.
emer lamon
emer lamon
February 18, 2019.
Caroline is a fantastic holistic therapist. I have had several reflexology and ear candling sessions with her and felt amazing afterwards. I would highly recommend White Light Healing.
Louise Doyle
Louise Doyle
February 18, 2019.
Visiting Caroline for reflexology has been life changing. She has not only helped to reduce my stress significantly but I have also reduced the amount of medication I take after only a few visits. She is a lovely person who put me at ease the moment I walked through her door. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough.
Lesley Lynch
Lesley Lynch
February 18, 2019.