Mother & Baby Reflexology

What a perfect Mother or Carer/Baby Reflexology treatment.

The treatment includes:

- A 30 Minutes Well deserved treatment for the parent or carer. If your baby is asleep when you arrive this usually happens first. If your baby needs to be fed or cuddled I have a zero gravity Reflexology chair which is perfect for both.

- Baby Reflexology tutorial. If your baby is asleep we can talk through the process or you can work on one of the dolls. Don't worry I have some training documents for your to take him with you so you remember all the reflexes. We will cover the nervous, digestive and immune system, teething and sleep routine.

- Baby Reflexology - The parent gets to show their amazing new skills with me close by to guide you through the routine.

For more information please feel free to message me.

Vouchers for this treatment are also available.