Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage is a fantastic treatment that is a combination of Reflexology and Massage which works on your entire lower legs, knees and feet.

Thai Foot Massage is done using my hands and a special Thai Stick.


Benefits of Thai Foot Massage include but are not limited to.
👣Improves circulation
👣Energises your body
👣Stimulates the lymphatic system which helps reduce swelling and detoxify the body
👣Helps to relieve Anxiety, Stress and Tension
👣 Boost for the immune system
👣Reduces pain and mobility issues on your feet.
👣 Helps with sleep issues
👣Helps relieve headaches and Migraines.

Thai Foot Massage can be a stand alone treatment or combined with one of my other treatments as a combo.

Cost – €65